Differential Calculus over Commutative Algebras and Smooth Manifolds
Alexandre Vinogradov
A program of the course at the 5-th Italian Diffiety School,
(San Stefano del Sole, July 19-31, 2002)

1.1.General Introduction 1.2. First order differential calculus on manifolds 1.3. Introduction to differential calculus on commutative algebrae
The exam has been passed by the following students:
  1. Valentina Golovko (University of Moscow)
  2. Leonid Stunzhas (University of Moscow)
  3. Angela Cardone (University of Naples)
  4. Antonio De Nicola (University of Naples)
  5. Daniele Signori (University of Milano)
  6. Ida Del Prete (University of Naples)
  7. Jan Tuitman (University of Groningen)
  8. Nicola Carchia (University of Naples)
  9. J.H. Sikkema (University of Groningen)
  10. Silvana Martucci (University of Salerno)
  11. Giovanni Moreno (University of Naples)

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